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This technology is based on biodegradable micro-polymer encapsulation technology that essentially uses wetting agents to wet and encapsulate dirt and grime in a anti-scratch protective layer. A micro fiber cloth is used to wipe and trap dirt inside the micro fiber's of the cloth thereby preventing the dirt from scratching and swirling the surface. The chemicals used generally contain a detergent and a wax that washes and waxes your car in one easy action. They do not contain any form of Teflon of silicone additives that many traditional car care products contain.


Totally waterless solution
Provides a better result
All ingredients are bio-degradable
Contains no VOC’s, Silicone ,Teflons, Hydrocarbons of Petrochemicals
Based on anti-scratch encapsulation technology
Wash is inclusive of a wax coating
Based on spray and wipe technology
Cleans light to heavy soiled vehicles

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